Paradoxes: You Can’t Win Part 1

A few paradoxes from autistic and Aspie life.




Image grabbed from Attempts to trace copyright have revealed nothing but full kudos to whichever genius drew this.

  1. If I misunderstand people, they blame my autism. If people misunderstand me, they respond to my saying that that’s not what I meant by saying “Well it was how it came across.” 
  2. If I get angry or frustrated, it’s deemed aggressive. If people get angry or frustrated with me, they say “Well I couldn’t see any other way of getting through to you.” 
  3. Where I think I just need the odd bit of help, you tell me I need professional support. Where I feel I need a lot of help, you tell me it’s nothing to do with disability and I just need to get my act together. 
  4. When it comes to looking for work, some suggest you try things you’re not comfortable with because beggars can’t be choosers. When you get an idea for something you could do, others say “Ah but have you considered what it would entail?” 
  5. Some respond to the issues you describe as part of your condition with “That’s just normal.” Others will tell you something in you is an autistic trait when it seems pretty normal to you (like not being able to listen to two people addressing one at the same moment). 
  6. Some tell you to stop reading your condition into everything you think, do, like, hate, etc. Others just do it for you unsolicited.

I can’t clearly recall instances of all of the above but to some extent I can identify with all of them.

All it really amounts to is that often with neurotypicals, the Aspie just can’t win.