Halfway Houses: You Can’t Win Part 2

More paradoxes of living with Asperger’s Syndrome (or whatever the experts like to call it these days)


 Bridge connecting the States of New Hampshire and Vermont. The bridge and river both fall within Vermont state but nonetheless have a strong connection with the opposite state. If you think of Vermont as autism and the bridge/river as Asperger’s Syndrome, you’ll get a pretty good idea of where I’m coming from in this blog entry.

I didn’t go to a state school.

But I didn’t go to a special school either.

I went to a mainstream independent. Everyone from the children of the rich and famous to those more severely disabled than myself.

Halfway in between.

The perfect environment for me to be educated in.

In state schools in the 80s I would’ve been stuffed in the special unit.

In special schools I probably would have outshine most other pupils and been considered to have too little of a problem for them to deal with.

If only the rest of life had worked out that simply:

WORK: Either struggle to keep time targets in umpteen doomed jobs or do what you like doing and/or at your own pace for nowt.

SUPPORT: Either it’s free or it’s permanent. Never both, in spite of our welfare state.

ACTS OF DAILY LIVING: Either you’re deemed to need some ‘wot a kerfuffle’ degree of support or you have to sink or swim in a society where few have the guts to quietly point out whatever aspect of your appearance seems to be having an off-day.

If only there were workplaces that focussed only on getting their best work done rather than constantly having to outdo competitors.

If only our ‘nanny state’ could stretch its resources to support workers who could help us get to an agreed goal in the time it takes us rather than being totally enslaved by their pre-dictated schedules.

If only there were a differentiation between requiring regular support and needing the odd helping hand m.

If only neurotypical white middle-class English society weren’t afraid that pointing things out when needs be might cause offence.

Us Aspies might fit in better. Well this one anyway.